Deep Down Buzzer Red


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Deep Down Buzzer Red

A Buzzer is an imitation of the pupa of a midge or chironomid –  in the state between a larva and the adult, flying insect.

The primary way of fishing buzzers is by dead drifting. On still water there is little movement to help the fly. If the fly is retrieved, it is often done very slowly,  with a figure of eight retrieve.
A common way of fishing buzzers is in a team of two, or three flies. The  buzzer setup I prefer is a team of three buzzers with varying methods, particularly regarding sink rate: 

  • a top fly or top dropper – a light buzzer, typically a cdc shipmans or cdc emerger buzzer
  • a dropper – a buzzer such as the Microfine Buzzer
  • a point fly – typically a heavy buzzer, to sink fast such as a chironomid beadhead buzzer. 

Basically fishing varying depths. The point fly acts as an anchor pulling and holding the rig down. The other flies will fish above that.

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Hook Size: 12-18

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